The Beginning of a Journey

I have decided to blog about my passions and have finally built up the courage to share with everyone my journey.

What is life but one grand adventure.

Gas Works Park, Seattle Washington

I live in the city where the views are absolutely amazing. I never get bored here, and recommend everyone come and visit. I am excited to share with you more places that I have been to and also my favorite travel spots.

My Cute Family

I’m from an energetic family with my step-father, mother, younger sister, and my adorable one year old cat. We aren’t your typical family, things do get very complicated, but in the end its all love and warmth in this home. Family story time to come…

My Fashion Taste

My passion remains in fashion with all the unique ways off putting outfits together and growing my own confidence. Enjoy some cute ideas that I will put together for you all!

Loved Ones 

You can never forget those you love and who support you! Along my crazy adventure those who are beside me make it all worth while. Stories to come;)