A Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

Aloha! Welcome to my blog! This adventure was definitely one for the books, and I can’t believe it already came and went. The beautiful waves graciously took me by the arms, and the sun’s warmth felt absolutely amazing.

My boyfriend and I began planning this trip in January, saving every penny to make sure we could enjoy our time comfortably in our stay. How I was able to get the benefits is something I’ll forever be grateful for.

~Where It Started. . .

It started with me being a nanny in 2016 watching over two babies; one being 16 months, and the other only 6 months. After school I would drive 20 minutes to their house in Washougal, WA a few times a week to watch over them as their parents worked on their farm. There were tons of chickens, ducks, pigs, and little kittens. I always had my rain boots ready to play in the mud with these little girls, and as they grew older I had so much fun watching over them. Their mom and dad were always so kind to me, always treating me like one of their own. The dad was frequently away, being a pilot for the United Airlines.

These girls made my life so fun and exciting. They are the cutest, funniest, most lovable little girls I’ve ever met. Watching them grow throughout the years has been such a unforgettable experience. We’ve walked miles around the farm, picked so many blackberries, played with all sorts of animals, camped, and ate lots of good food together. At the end of 2018 their dad told me that I could enjoy flight benefits for an entire year. I am so grateful towards him and his wife; they really are the kindest people you will ever meet.

~Hawaii Here I come

It all started at 3:30 am and I was ready to leave towards the airport. My boyfriend and I arrived there at 4:00 am, and we got our boarding passes and were ready for flight. Because I was on standby we were on different planes, but they boarded us at the same time. They called out last names one by one to board those who were waiting on the benefits, and when they called mine I could finally sigh in relief. Though when I got to my gate in San Francisco, my name wasn’t called, so I had to find another flight. The parents who gave me these benefits helped me the entire time and found me a flight to Maui, and from Maui to Honolulu.

After 15 hours of traveling total, I was finally in Waikiki. It was definitely worth the flight. Hawaii is extremely beautiful with palm trees, blue water, and everyone wearing all sorts of floral patterns. As for me, of course I had to join in.

The luau was one for the books. We went to the Chief’s Luau at Wet’n’Wild Water park. The live music, and dancing was so fun to watch, as well as inspiring me to one day get back into hula dancing that I had done so many years ago. The skirts and tops that the dancers wore were beautifully bright in all sorts of assorted colors, and their head wear was just fascinating to see. But let me tell you about the food I had at this luau. A pig was first shown to the crowd and everyone got to witness their dinner on the platter. The kalua pork really was the best I’d ever have, also accompanied with salad, taro rolls, and pineapple cake for desert.

Us and the hula dancers at Chief’s Luau

Our family and family friends really spoiled us here, we ate so much good seafood with them. If you ever go to Hawaii never forget to eat their tuna, because it is so fresh and the flavor is unparalleled to anywhere else. These days with them were by far my favorite time there. Mahalo!

We really did swim to our hearts content. The water was so warm and clear, it’s hard to keep track of time when you are having so much fun in the waves. We even found a small cave where the water would come into; it was nothing like I’ve ever been in before. I don’t think I put on enough sun screen, because the sun really got us during this time, but it was worth it. We snorkeled around and found giant, beautiful sea turtles all around Waikiki. It was my first time getting so close to one, so let me tell you after the trip we both got reusable straws.

The time here was so memorable, and I’ll be sure to come back again. I just wanted to say thank you to those who looked out for us during the trip. I was always meant to be at some where it is warm and as friendly as it is here. Mahalo Hawaii!

Summer Vibes and Sun Tanning

By Kiyana Middleswart

Cabo Mexico

Hi loves! I am ecstatic to share my recent journeys. I’m so relieved that my freshman year at the University of Washington has finally wrapped up. I made new friends and learned so many new things about myself. My grades on the other hand?.. Well I wish they were better and wish I didn’t have the uncertainty looming over my major, but all in times work it will come together. Alas, summer vacation is finally here and I can get back to writing again!

Now to my summer blog!

I traveled to Cabo San Lucas down in Mexico! And let me tell you it was everything I wanted and needed and more! The freshly made chilorio tacos had juicy pulled pork and they were DELICIOUS! The sweet blended strawberry daiquiri’s kept me cool on the hot Mexican days. I highly recommend coming here! Though it’s fun to stay in hotel’s and see the city, staying inside an all inclusive resort is the way to go.

The beach was so clean and the water was so beautiful. That ocean blue is really hard to find back at home. The only thing I regret about the trip was that I didn’t put on enough sun screen there.

Swimsuit: Hollister

Cover-up: Small store in Japan

My family really enjoyed the trip as well. Though we fight constantly and may not always be on the same page, at the end of the day we always come together. They are my family and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. As you can see here we all got a lot of sun. Bring on the Aloe Vera.

We were definitely your typical tourists. My advice to you when you travel is remember to know the exchange rate before you exchange your money, because I learned my lesson when I lost 25 percent of my own money in the exchange.

You really learn to appreciate authentic art here. People work hard to share their creativity, and every piece demonstrates their culture and their history. I admire the paintings and wish I could take more souvenirs home.

Thank you Cabo for having my family and I. Here is to upcoming travels too. I can’t wait to share with you all the places I will be going and the people I will meet!


Kiyana Middleswart

Aqua Is The New Black

College, college, college.. Well, everything I heard about it is true. Yeah, I am growing a lot, but I find it that my growth happens more outside of the classrooms and lectures and more in the real world. I am beginning to learn how to stand on my own two feet in this world, without my family. I’m not the same girl you met a year ago or even a month ago. Always learning from my mistakes, tomorrow I will be a better me. Wanting to display a new found confidence, I dyed my hair a color that emphasizes my new attitude.

For this look I wanted to keep it subtle with the grey tank top (H&M), my striped mom jeans (Pacsun), and my black Nike Air Force Ones (StockX). The Ice Supreme Shoulder bag from the Spring Summer 2019 collection reflects my introduction to street wear and street fashion. I am beginning to love street wear as it is gaining a lot of traction and notoriety even in the upper echelons of the fashion world. I am excited to see what I can do with street wear pieces to elevate my fashion sense to the next level.

Since I was young I’ve always wanted to stand out and fashion has always been a way for me to express my individuality. Being half Japanese and half Caucasian has always put me at crossroads in terms of identity, and fashion has given me a vehicle to discover what that identity may be. Growing up in Washington state I’ve been exposed to a lot of U.S. brands throughout my life, but now I have garnered interest and been intrigued for brands who’s grassroots lie back in Japan. Learning about how Takashi Murakami made Japanese-esque culture popular through his art and now becoming a fashion icon is fascinating. He’s someone who embraces his identity and his identity happens to standout, something I’ll have constant admiration for.

Don’t be afraid. Being afraid strips you from your own potential. Erase all doubt, failure is only momentary and you’ll rarely remember it. I know through my life obstacles of parents being divorced, moving, constantly switching schools, losing and gaining new friendships, it’s hard not to lose yourself. Take it from me that life is about taking some risks and staying true to who you are.

What’s the biggest risk you took?

In The Midst of a Snow Storm in Seattle

Hi loves,

Welcome back to my blog! I have been pretty quiet as I am still trying to understand my way around making a site, but it’s been pretty fun! I’ve had some time too as I have been kept inside my dorm due to the chaos of the Seattle snow storm. But let me tell you all that has been going on..

There I was in my dorm, excitedly putting on my snow boots. Despite it being extremely cold, I wanted to go out and enjoy it. Above you can see one of my favorite tops, I had gotten it from my boyfriend this past Christmas. My top’s vivid nature stands out in Seattle’s shimmering streets of snow, always offering a pleasant photo op.

With all the markets and shops closed due to the inclement weather and no daily shoppers going around, the streets and sidewalks were left to their inhabitants, the homeless. I may not have a big following yet, but if you have happened to stumble upon this blog and are reading this; I encourage you to go out and do something to help out the homeless. Life’s roads seems to take us to places that are unforeseen. Whether that be good or bad, we don’t know. We all aren’t put in the best position to thrive and that’s coming from a person who wasn’t necessarily in the best position to succeed growing up.

Any who, with the current conditions I’ve been stuck inside in my dorm at the University of Washington. I reside in Haggett Hall, one of the oldest dorms here on campus. With it’s age comes inherent issues… that being my heater broken!! You could even see your own breath! However, the cold nights are contrasted with the warmth i feel as I make new friends in my hall. As the snow storm rages on and classes are cancelled, tests and exams continue to be postponed.

On top of that, I have so many complications with my new roommate as she and I are very different. And the experience of community bathrooms, well I could go on forever, but that’s another story. Though it has been stressful, life’s obstacles never fail to stop me in my tracks and marvel at it’s beautiful entropic nature.

At the university it’s been pretty humorous as people are finding ways to keep themselves occupied, such as skiing down the stairs, sledding by being pulled by cars, as well as making forts and sculptures of all sorts of crazy things. Everywhere I go I see laughter, hectic snowball fights, and you just can’t help but find yourself smiling and laughing as well.

Oh, also I did a spontaneous trip to getting my ears pierced!!!

How do you de-stress? I would love to know. And maybe some advice on my blog!


Kiyana Middleswart

Walking Pike Place Market in Heels

I made a fun stop at Pike Place Market and found myself having so much fun with the diverse types of food and fun hand made crafts. The smells. The shops. The views. Everything about Pike Place Market makes you feel excited!

The numbers of colors that you see here makes everything so fun! I absolutely love seeing all of the fresh fruits. If you ever find yourself here you have to try a sample of mangos, they are my favorite!

With views like the one here, I had to take a picture. Pants from H&M, Shoes from Charlotte Russe, Shirt from Forever 21. This outfit is to keep things a little classy, but still very casual.

I am never finding myself bored here and always having something to do. But the one thing always on my mind is food.

I had to visit the one and only Piroshky Piroshky Bakery after seeing the giant line and the reviews, I was convinced that I had to try it for myself. Here is a fun picture of me holding my beef and cheese piroshky that was delicious. The cheese stretched as I pulled it apart and steamed, smelling amazing.

The workers here really are here to make you feel welcomed and make sure that there is a smile on your face. The flying fish is my favorite and they are thrown into the air.

Best of all is the sunset at the end of the day. It makes the time you’re there that much more satisfying.

Let me know what you guys think!


Kiyana Middleswart

The Beginning of a Journey

I have decided to blog about my passions and have finally built up the courage to share with everyone my journey.

What is life but one grand adventure.

Gas Works Park, Seattle Washington

I live in the city where the views are absolutely amazing. I never get bored here, and recommend everyone come and visit. I am excited to share with you more places that I have been to and also my favorite travel spots.

My Cute Family

I’m from an energetic family with my step-father, mother, younger sister, and my adorable one year old cat. We aren’t your typical family, things do get very complicated, but in the end its all love and warmth in this home. Family story time to come…

My Fashion Taste

My passion remains in fashion with all the unique ways off putting outfits together and growing my own confidence. Enjoy some cute ideas that I will put together for you all!

Loved Ones 

You can never forget those you love and who support you! Along my crazy adventure those who are beside me make it all worth while. Stories to come;)