Summer Vibes and Sun Tanning

By Kiyana Middleswart

Cabo Mexico

Hi loves! I am ecstatic to share my recent journeys. I’m so relieved that my freshman year at the University of Washington has finally wrapped up. I made new friends and learned so many new things about myself. My grades on the other hand?.. Well I wish they were better and wish I didn’t have the uncertainty looming over my major, but all in times work it will come together. Alas, summer vacation is finally here and I can get back to writing again!

Now to my summer blog!

I traveled to Cabo San Lucas down in Mexico! And let me tell you it was everything I wanted and needed and more! The freshly made chilorio tacos had juicy pulled pork and they were DELICIOUS! The sweet blended strawberry daiquiri’s kept me cool on the hot Mexican days. I highly recommend coming here! Though it’s fun to stay in hotel’s and see the city, staying inside an all inclusive resort is the way to go.

The beach was so clean and the water was so beautiful. That ocean blue is really hard to find back at home. The only thing I regret about the trip was that I didn’t put on enough sun screen there.

Swimsuit: Hollister

Cover-up: Small store in Japan

My family really enjoyed the trip as well. Though we fight constantly and may not always be on the same page, at the end of the day we always come together. They are my family and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. As you can see here we all got a lot of sun. Bring on the Aloe Vera.

We were definitely your typical tourists. My advice to you when you travel is remember to know the exchange rate before you exchange your money, because I learned my lesson when I lost 25 percent of my own money in the exchange.

You really learn to appreciate authentic art here. People work hard to share their creativity, and every piece demonstrates their culture and their history. I admire the paintings and wish I could take more souvenirs home.

Thank you Cabo for having my family and I. Here is to upcoming travels too. I can’t wait to share with you all the places I will be going and the people I will meet!


Kiyana Middleswart

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