In The Midst of a Snow Storm in Seattle

Hi loves,

Welcome back to my blog! I have been pretty quiet as I am still trying to understand my way around making a site, but it’s been pretty fun! I’ve had some time too as I have been kept inside my dorm due to the chaos of the Seattle snow storm. But let me tell you all that has been going on..

There I was in my dorm, excitedly putting on my snow boots. Despite it being extremely cold, I wanted to go out and enjoy it. Above you can see one of my favorite tops, I had gotten it from my boyfriend this past Christmas. My top’s vivid nature stands out in Seattle’s shimmering streets of snow, always offering a pleasant photo op.

With all the markets and shops closed due to the inclement weather and no daily shoppers going around, the streets and sidewalks were left to their inhabitants, the homeless. I may not have a big following yet, but if you have happened to stumble upon this blog and are reading this; I encourage you to go out and do something to help out the homeless. Life’s roads seems to take us to places that are unforeseen. Whether that be good or bad, we don’t know. We all aren’t put in the best position to thrive and that’s coming from a person who wasn’t necessarily in the best position to succeed growing up.

Any who, with the current conditions I’ve been stuck inside in my dorm at the University of Washington. I reside in Haggett Hall, one of the oldest dorms here on campus. With it’s age comes inherent issues… that being my heater broken!! You could even see your own breath! However, the cold nights are contrasted with the warmth i feel as I make new friends in my hall. As the snow storm rages on and classes are cancelled, tests and exams continue to be postponed.

On top of that, I have so many complications with my new roommate as she and I are very different. And the experience of community bathrooms, well I could go on forever, but that’s another story. Though it has been stressful, life’s obstacles never fail to stop me in my tracks and marvel at it’s beautiful entropic nature.

At the university it’s been pretty humorous as people are finding ways to keep themselves occupied, such as skiing down the stairs, sledding by being pulled by cars, as well as making forts and sculptures of all sorts of crazy things. Everywhere I go I see laughter, hectic snowball fights, and you just can’t help but find yourself smiling and laughing as well.

Oh, also I did a spontaneous trip to getting my ears pierced!!!

How do you de-stress? I would love to know. And maybe some advice on my blog!


Kiyana Middleswart

8 thoughts on “In The Midst of a Snow Storm in Seattle

  1. First of all, thanks for sharing😊. Secondly, in time you’ll get along with your roommate. I lived for 3 years in a room with 11 other colleagues. It’s weird at first, not having your own space, but you’ll get use to it.
    Take care and i’m looking forward for your next post!!

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