Walking Pike Place Market in Heels

I made a fun stop at Pike Place Market and found myself having so much fun with the diverse types of food and fun hand made crafts. The smells. The shops. The views. Everything about Pike Place Market makes you feel excited!

The numbers of colors that you see here makes everything so fun! I absolutely love seeing all of the fresh fruits. If you ever find yourself here you have to try a sample of mangos, they are my favorite!

With views like the one here, I had to take a picture. Pants from H&M, Shoes from Charlotte Russe, Shirt from Forever 21. This outfit is to keep things a little classy, but still very casual.

I am never finding myself bored here and always having something to do. But the one thing always on my mind is food.

I had to visit the one and only Piroshky Piroshky Bakery after seeing the giant line and the reviews, I was convinced that I had to try it for myself. Here is a fun picture of me holding my beef and cheese piroshky that was delicious. The cheese stretched as I pulled it apart and steamed, smelling amazing.

The workers here really are here to make you feel welcomed and make sure that there is a smile on your face. The flying fish is my favorite and they are thrown into the air.

Best of all is the sunset at the end of the day. It makes the time you’re there that much more satisfying.

Let me know what you guys think!


Kiyana Middleswart

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